January 11, 2021

The Evolution of Anesthesia Devices

The history of anesthesia equipment is as old as the discipline itself. During the 1840s, dentists experimented with ether and chloroform as sedatives during ...
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December 14, 2020

Interactions between COVID-19 and Mental Health Disorders

The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns have understandably had adverse effects on mental health. Research on the interactions between mental health, mental health adjacent issues, risk factors, and ...
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November 17, 2020

Categories of Anesthesia: Overview and Common Procedures

Anesthesia is a critical requirement of many different medical procedures and allows patients to undergo important operations without experiencing distress ...
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A healthcare risk management team discusses issues
October 19, 2020

Healthcare Risk Management

Medical risk is embedded in nearly every clinical activity, from routine blood tests to organ transplantation. Risk management aims to reduce opportunities for medical complications and promote ...
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Image of vitals monitor
September 14, 2020

Machine Learning-Derived Intraoperative Warning Systems

Intraoperative hypotension occurs when a patient’s Mean Arterial Pressure (MAP) drops below 65 mmHg during surgery—the lowest tolerable average blood ...
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August 17, 2020

The Use of Biosensors for Large-Scale Coronavirus Testing

The rapid spread of COVID-19 has left the medical field needing to adapt quickly to handle a novel virus. Caused ...
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July 16, 2020

The Environmental Impact of Inhaled Anesthetics

Medical professionals once dealt with an unfortunate reality: the seemingly miraculous gases used for their patients’ anesthesia were being released ...
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May 6, 2020

The Importance of Checklists in Anesthesia

Surgical checklists have grown in popularity over the past two decades as a means of streamlining procedures and avoiding damaging ...
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April 17, 2020

Technological Advances in Anesthesiology

Improvements in perioperative technology allow the automatic and reliable collection, storage, and presentation of patient data during the perioperative period. ...
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March 27, 2020

Anesthetic Considerations for Patients with PTSD

According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders  (DSM), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is an anxiety disorder that develops ...
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February 25, 2020

Anesthetic Considerations for Traumatic Brain Injury

Roughly eighty percent of the world population has no or insufficient access to treatment for moderate to severe pain. In ...
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February 21, 2020

Patient Perception of Anesthesia Providers

Anesthesiology professionals are experts in a wide variety of subfields, including anesthesia care, pain management and critical care medicine.1 Members ...
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January 29, 2020

Anesthetic Management of Ectopic Pregnancy

Pregnancy poses a variety of psychological and physical stressors to the mother and developing fetus.1 Pregnant patients must consider everything ...
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January 14, 2020

Anesthesia for In Vitro Fertilization

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a complex series of procedures used to help with fertility, prevent genetic problems and assist ...
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January 8, 2020

Lung-Protective Ventilation in Cardiothoracic Surgery

Mechanical ventilation is necessary during modern surgery, given the increased complexity of surgical procedures, the need for airway protection and ...
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December 27, 2019

Anesthetic Management of Conjoined Twins

Conjoined twins are two humans who are born physically connected to each other.1 They develop when an early embryo only ...
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December 9, 2019

Challenges to Anesthesia in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

Providing anesthesia services in low and middle-income countries (LMICs) comes with a host of challenges. According to the World Bank, ...
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December 6, 2019

New Device Protects Young Patients Under Anesthesia

Administering anesthesia is a high-risk situation, particularly with young patients.1 Any delay in the detection of breathing problems can impede ...
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October 21, 2019

Market Analysis: Anesthesia Video Laryngoscope

Tracheal intubation, which is the placement of a tube inside a patient’s trachea in order to secure the airway, is ...
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October 3, 2019

Social Determinants of Health

Social determinants of health are conditions in which patients are born, grow, live and work, and include socioeconomic status, education, ...
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September 30, 2019

Reducing Burnout Among Health Care Workers

Burnout, defined as the “exhaustion of physical or emotional strength as a result of prolonged stress or frustration,” has been ...
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September 12, 2019

HHS Announces the Formation of the Quality Summit (QS)

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is a cabinet-level agency that administers a variety of health and ...
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July 29, 2019

HIPAA Compliance: Importance, Benefits, and Implementation

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, also known as HIPAA, is a federal law created to provide continuous insurance ...
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